In Memory of




Obituary for Samuel Buckwalter IV

If you didn’t know our Sam, then let me tell you how wonderful this man was and will always be in our hearts. Always against grain, unapologetically unconventional, and we wouldn’t want it any other way! He made us lucky few smile.

A constant giver and unselfish in many ways. That man loved unconditionally! His years working in corrections and as King County police, I watched in awe as he never once judged a man that had less or was seemingly dismissed by society. He treated everyone with the respect they deserved- eye to eye, a hand shake, and an offer to help. Such a rare gem he was!

A father never sacrificed so much over the years and loved a daughter like he did. Such love in his eyes. Even at his end, in his confusion and sleepless blur, his heartfelt thoughts were meant to protect her. No one will fully understand his untimely end, shocking and unfair in every way.

I do know his love was true.

That Hat wearing, smiling man in black with the toothy grin; tattoos on his Native American skin. We will always remember you strong and bright.

You left your mark my dearest friend!

Because of you Sam, I hope we remember that kindness and the respect for all will never die.